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Dr. Karthik M Selvaraj completed MBBS., from the prestigious Government Stanley Medical College, Chennai. He did his MS Ortho from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the premier Post Graduate Training Institute of India.

He worked as a senior Resident at AIIMS and the JPN Apex Trauma Centre affiliated to it. At AIIMS Dr.Karthik received expert training in the care of Orthopeadic trauma patients as well as Joint Reconstruction Arthroscopy Hand Surgery and Sports Medicine.

He then worked in Christ Church Hospital, New Zealand as a shoulder Fellow. He gained experience in the assessment and management of injuries in the upper limb. He did another Upper Limb Fellowship program in Wiakato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand. Dr. Karthik then left for Adelaide, Australia and worked at Flinders Medical Centre as a Fellow in Trauma and Joint Reconstruction. He received advance training in Trauma and Replacement surgeries at Adelaide. He was selected to work as an advance trauma fellow at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne. Alfred Hospital is the leading Level Three Trauma Centre of Australia, which receives maximum number of polytrauma patients.

He was trained in pelviacetabular trauma at Alfred Hospital.His special interests include shoulder and elbow surgery, arthroscopy and sports medicine. He routinely performs shoulder and elbow arthroscopies, Upper limb fracture surgery and Shoulder and Elbow replacement surgeries.

He is also a sports enthusiast, a keen swimmer, a certified scuba diver and a cyclist.

Special interests and Expertise

  1. Shoulder and Upper limb Surgery (Fellowship trained)
  2. Sports Surgery - Arthroscopy
  3. Hip and Knee Arthroplasty (Fellowship trained)
  4. Complex trauma (Peri articular and pelvic trauma) (Fellowship trained)
Have performed around 3000 surgeries in the last 10 years

Memberships And Affiliations

  1. APKASS – Member
  2. Indian Medical Association, Coimbatore Branch – Life Member, Member of Managing Committee
  3. Indian Orthopaedic Association – Life member
  4. Indian Arthroscopy Society – Life Member
  5. Shoulder and Elbow Society of India – Executive Committee Member
  6. Indian Federation of Sports Medicine – Life Member
  7. Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association – Life Member
  8. Coimbatore Orthopedic Society - Former Treasurer

Qualifications Profile

Primary Medical Degree: MBBS


Govt Stanley Meidcal College
Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai, India
MS Orth


All India Institute of Medical sciences, Delhi, India
DNB Orth (Awarded by the National Board of Examinations)


01 April 2004 – 31 March 2005
Govt Stanley Medical College, Chennai, India
One year of CRRI( Compulsory Rotatory Resident Intern)

Working three months each in Surgery including Orthopedics, ENT and Ophthalmology, General Medicine, Obs and Gynae and Community Medicine respectively

Supervision of nursing staff On call roster

01 January 2006-31 December 2008

Postgraduate Junior resident (Academic)
Dept of Orthopedics, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, India

Manage inpatients in a 60 bedded Orthopedic ward Perform emergency orthopedic procedures including fracture care and surgery Assist and perform elective orthopedic procedures Run OPD for own follow up patients and general outpatients On call roster

Junior staff supervision

Medical student teaching

Research Thesis work

20 January 2009-20 January 2010,

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, India
Senior Resident, Department of Orthopedics

Assess patients in OPD and make treatment decisions On call trauma and emergency theatres performing trauma surgery Perform elective Orthopedic surgeries including replacement and arthroscopic procedures

Work in the ED on roster basis as the ED medical officer Teaching of junior residents

Responsibility for inpatients in a 40 bedded ortho trauma ward and 60 bedded general orthopedic ward

01 Feb 2010 – 31 July 2010

Christchurch hospital, Christchurch, New Zealand
Fellow in Upper limb surgery

Assess upper limb and trauma patients in clinics Perform and assist in Upper limb surgeries Registrar and medical student teaching

01 Aug 2010 – 12 Dec 2010
Waikato hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand

Fellow, Dept of Orthopedics

Assess upper limb and trauma patients in clinics Perform and assist in Upper limb and trauma surgeries Registrar and medical student teaching On call roster as junior consultant/ senior registrar

01 Feb 2011 to Jan 2012 Fellow in Trauma and Arthroplasty

Flinders Medical Center, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Patient care in elective and trauma wards Elective and Emergency operating and on call roster Supervision of junior registrars Undergraduate and post graduate teaching and research projects

01 Feb 2012 to Jan 2013

Fellow in Trauma
Alfred Hospital,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Patient care in elective and trauma wards
  • Trauma on call for polytrauma
  • Supervision of junior registrars
  • Undergraduate and post graduate teaching and research projects

Jun 2013 - Jun 2020

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
Ortho One -Orthopedic Speciality Center,

Incharge of Research and training of Fellows

Elective and Emergency Operating and Care



Awarded the APKASS ESSKA Travelling Fellowship 2016, a one month long travelling fellowship which included visiting centres of excellence in Europe including Instabul, Larissa, Geneva, Porto, Brussels, Bologna and attended the ESSKA meeting in Barcelona. Prof Masahiro Kurasaka was the Godfather.

University Medals
  1. The Tamilnadu TB Association Medal for Medicine
  2. The Maharaja of Travancore Medal for Surgery
  3. Thangasamy Chinnamma Medal for Pathology
  4. University Gold Medal for Pharmacology
  5. Prof. Madanagopalan Gold medal in Medical Gastroenterology
National Gold Medal
  1. The Bruce Davis All India Gold Medal in Palliative Care 2005 (First Winner)
  2. Winner of the first essay competition for postgraduates of South Asian countries on the topic “Barriers in the implementation of Evidence informed practice in South Asia and possible solutions” by the South Asian Cochrane collaboration
  3. Runner up in the Bombay Orthopedic Association “All India Best Orthopedic Resident 2008”
Research Awards

The Dr.Leela Krishnamoorthy Award for the best UG paper by the “Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists”

The ICMR Summer Vacation Studentship Award for the paper “Thyroid Status in obese peri menopausal women”

Joan and Herb Kirby Scholarship to attend the 18th International Congress of the Children Hospice International, 2007 at Singapore BBraun Medical Trust Foundation Scholarship for excellence in the field of Orthopedics

Functional outcome after arthroscopically assisted mini open rotator cuff repair in patients with full thickness supraspinatus tears


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  12. Karthik Selvaraj M. Evolution of shoulder Instability surgery: Past, present and future: Editorial. World Journal of Orthopedics. Invited to write.

Faculty/ Invited Speaker

1. Sunrise Shoulder Course, Kochi, India, March 2014 i. Shoulder impingemgent

ii. Shoulder rehabilitation 2.TNOACON 2014 arthroscopy workshop, Jan 2014

i. SLAP management

3. Shoulder update, Soundarapandian Bone and Joint Hospital, Aug 2014

i. Management of stiff shoulder 4. AISKCON 2014, Madurai Nov 2014

i. Non operative management of Shoulder impingement 5. ISKSAA Delhi Sep 2014

i. Knot tying technique

ii. Challenges in rehabilitating athlete

6. Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Annual Meeting Delhi 2015 Jan

i. Panelist – Shoulder rehabilitation

ii. Invited Free paper – Tracking: Is it relevant? 7. IAS Outreach Program Madurai 2015 Jun

i. Management of stiff shoulder

8. Indian Orthopedic Association – Orthopedic Excellence program

i. Osteoporosis – Current concepts in management 9. 4th Indo US Shoulder Course Coimbatore 2015 July

i. Open Rotator Cuff repair – Video Technique

ii. Moderator - Panel discussion on Instability 10. Arthroscopy Academy Mumbai 2015 July

i. BPTB Harvest technique

ii. Panelist in multi ligamentous knee instability 11. OASIS Con 2015, Aug 2015

i. Scapula –its role in shoulder function and dysfunction

ii. Moderator for interesting case discussion

12. AISKCON 2015, Madurai, Nov 2015

13. ISKSAA GANGA 2015, Coimbatore Aug 2015

14. Pune Shoulder Course, Nov 2015

15. Sunrise Shoulder Course, Mar 2016

16. KMCH Shoulder update 2016, March 2016

17. Update on Shoulder arthroplasty, Coimbatore, April 2016

18. TNOACON 2016, Ooty, Jan 2016

a. Convenor of Shoulder hands on workshop

19. APOACON 2016, Rajamundry, Fen 2016

20. Arthrobengaluru, Aug 2016

21. Shoulder Update, Velammal, Madurai, Aug 2016

22. Arthroscopy Acadmey, July 2016

23. AOTS Trauma Con 2016, Kolkata, Aug 2016

International Meetings Attended

  1. SICOT Triennial Meeting, Pattaya, Thailand, 2009. Presented poster on “Functional outcome after Mini Open Rotator Cuff repair”.
  2. Australian Shoulder and Elbow Society Annual Meeting, Sydney 2010
  3. Royal North shore Shoulder Meeting, Sydney, 2010
  4. AOA NZOA Combined Annual Meeting, Rotorua, New Zealand, 2011. Presented paper on “ORIF of Os Acromiale” and “ Modular neck Hip implants: Lessons from Australian Registry”.
  5. Australian Shoulder Elbow Society Closed Meeting, Brisbane, Australia, 2012.
  6. Nice Shoulder Course, Nice, France. 2014
  7. ESSKA Annual Meeting, Barcelona 2016
  8. Annual meeting of French speaking Swiss Orthopaedic Association, Geneva, April 2016


FAOA (Aus and NZ)